Resistive Welding machine | White copper | Resistive Welding | trans-weld | Boiling point Cap

Distribution of alloy copper alloys in different sections

Made in Germany, South Korea, Bulgaria and Iran

Welding industries Pars Paya

Design and manufacture of spot welding machine according to German DIN standard

Shipping of goods

Shipping to all parts of the world

Variety of products

Types of Resistance Welding Products

Safe shopping

High quality and reasonable price

Support team

After sales service and parts supply


Why Pars Paya

Product quality, provision of specialized welding services, reasonable prices, as well as the promotion of resistance welding industry

And other related industries.

Variety of products
High quality and reasonable price
Customer satisfaction
Expert team and after sales service
صنایع جوش پارس پایا


iso2008- corporation-pars-paya
صنایع جوش پارس پایا
صنایع جوش پارس پایا
Association-Producers-Suppliers-Welding Industries

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