Pars Paya Company

Pars Paya Welding Industrial has the formal industrial sanction for industrial activities. Our technical team has focused on resistance welding from year 1990, operating under the name of Pars Paya form year 2000. Our goals are to improve the quality of our products, offering appropriate services at competitive prices and also to elevate the standards of the welding industry of the country. Pars Paya Co. supports their customers by offering the following services:

  • Designing, producing, and installing resistance welding lines.
  • Importing and supplying copper alloy bars (CCZ, CCNB, CNCS and B20) in different cross sections such as round, square , hexagon and flat , with the ability to be used in resistance welding industry , telecommunication , electronics , petro-chemistry , industrial current , tool making , anti-shock , anti-magnetic and precision equipments .
  • Producing suspended and fixed spot welding machines, projection welding and special welding machines in various capacities from 50KVA to 200KVA equipped with pneumatic system and microprocessor planning timer.
  • Producing various spot welding guns and spare parts for ARO, OBARA, and MARTIN guns and providing the related balancers.
  • Producing and providing control units for spot welding, projection welding and seam welding machines, (made in Japan, Korea and Iran) .
  • Producing single and double water cooled cables in various capacities and different sizes.
  • Producing over 500 different kinds of:  caps, electrodes, shanks, adaptors and holders.
  • Importing tip dresser machines for grinding and dressing electrodes.
  • Increasing efficiency by improvising quality and reducing the expenses.
  • Providing technical educations.
  • Also Pars Paya commercial network can provide you the best advice on choosing the most appropriate industrial machines for your needs.