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Services by Pars Paya


ParsPaya welding Industrial’s commercial team are looking for international suppliers who are  capable of implementing advanced technology to the country and supply high quality welding equipment as well as offer excellent post-sale services.


ParsPaya welding industrial is ready to offer consulting service including Installing resistance welding lines, Technical designing of welding machines and more ...


ParsPaya welding Industrial’s technical team provides technical documentation of products. You can study technical articles in training section.


Suppliers can register in website and post their products for sale.

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Pars Paya Welding Industrial has the formal industrial sanction for industrial activities. Our technical team has focused on resistance welding from year 1990, operating under the name of Pars Paya form year 2000.   Our goals are to improve the quality of our products, offering appropriate services at competitive prices and also to elevate the standards of the welding industry of the country.